Train your working memory


CatchYou memory trainer in actionYour working memory is key to learning and to solve math problems. People with weak working memory skills have difficulty grabbing and holding on to incoming information and performing an activity like math. This means they have less material to work with when they’re performing a task.

Improve focus and concentration

The part of the brain responsible for working memory is also responsible for maintaining focus and concentration. Here, working memory skills will help kids remember what they need to be paying attention to. Take, for example, doing a long division problem. Your child needs working memory not only to come up with the answer, but also to concentrate on all of the steps involved in getting there. Kids with weak working memory skills have trouble staying on task to get to the end result

Learn to do math better and faster

The CatchYou™ board game helps to train the visual-spatial memory. It is fun to play and you will learn to do your math problems better and faster. We all like playing dice and math becomes fun.